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Bill Gilbert, Electromechanical Systems Specialist

I do technical support work here in the Physics Dept at University of Minnesota. My training is in electronics,
but I have 20+ years experience in the industrial measurement and control world. Frequently, acting as a system
integrator, I pull together hardware, and write software (NI Labview) to get a job done. Or, I can consult on
selection of hardware, and do Labview coaching. I also do equipment repairs.

I've been set up as an Internal Service Organization, and do a fair amount of work in other university departments
like Medicine, Neurology, Chemistry, etc. If you have a project that you might want me to help with, I would suggest
we have a brief discussion at no charge. Then once the scope of work is known, I can make a cost estimate, and we
can decide how to move forward.

Areas of experience:

Projects have included: