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-====== Mailing Lists ====== +====== ​Physics and Astronomy ​Mailing Lists ======
-There are several mailing lists which you may want to subscribe to, to keep up on the latest information.+
-===== Mailing Lists Provided by Physics ​=====+===== physics-announce ​=====
-Many mailing lists exist on the Physics ​list server, which you can find at the web site [[http://​lists.physics.umn.edu/]]+The best-known public ​list is **physics-announce**, which receives announcements for colloquia, seminars and other events, for interested people outside ​the School.
-Log in to the lists web site with the username ​''​your-username@physics.umn.edu'' ​(replace ​''​your-username''​ with your own physics username) and your physics password.+To subscribe 
 +  * send an email to ''​sympa@physics.umn.edu'',​ containing ​the **subject**:​ ''​SUBSCRIBE physics-announce''​ 
 +  * or you can visit this web page: https://​support.physics.umn.edu/​wws/​subscribe/​physics-announce 
 +To unsubscribe 
 +  * send a message to the same address ''​sympa@physics.umn.edu'', ​with the subject: ​''​UNSUBSCRIBE physics-announce''​ 
 +  * or visit https://​support.physics.umn.edu/​wws/​sigrequest/​physics-announce 
 +<note warning>​If you're a member of the School, and already receiving ''​physics-all'',​ there'​s no need to subscribe to this list, you will already be receiving these messages.</​note>​ 
 +===== Internal physics lists ===== 
 +Members of the School are subscribed to several lists automatically,​ by being included in the school directory. 
 +The best-known of these is ''​physics-all'',​ which is used for general informational messages. Any subscriber can send to this list. Please use discretion in what you send, reserving its use for matters that are mostly business-related. You should never forward spam messages to any mailing list. 
 +Other automated lists exist, which depend on your role in the department, eg staff, grads, etc. 
 +===== What lists are available, and how to subscribe ===== 
 +Many mailing lists exist on the School'​s list server, too many to attempt listing here. 
 +The "​Mailing lists" section in [[https://​www.physics.umn.edu/​resources/​myphys/​|MyPhys]] shows you all the lists you are subscribed to, and lets you set whether or not to receive mail from them. You can't manually subscribe or unsubscribe from our automated lists such as physics-all, but if for some reason you don't want to receive messages from them, you can change this in MyPhys. 
 +Also available in MyPhys is an [[https://​www.physics.umn.edu/​resources/​myphys/​lists/​lists.html|exhaustive list]] of what mailing lists exist and who is in charge of them. This is similar to the "list of lists" available in the mailing lists system itself at http://​lists.physics.umn.edu but may also show some which are not visible there. 
 +You can subscribe to any of these lists similarly to "​physics-announce"​ above - send an email to ''​sympa@physics.umn.edu'' ​with the subject ​''​SUBSCRIBE listname''​. Depending on the specific list, this will either subscribe you, or send your request to the list owner. 
 +Some other list operations have to be performed directly in the lists system web interface at http://​lists.physics.umn.edu,​ where you can log in using your Physics account. Log in to the site with the username ​//​username//​''​@physics.umn.edu''​ (replace //​username// ​with your own physics username)and your physics password.
 The lists are subdivided into categories: The lists are subdivided into categories:
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   * Physics (Classes) - lists related to classes   * Physics (Classes) - lists related to classes
   * Physics (Projects) - lists related to research projects, workshops, or other individual projects.   * Physics (Projects) - lists related to research projects, workshops, or other individual projects.
 +===== unsubscribing from a different address =====
 +**If you have to send your unsubscribe request from a different address** other than the subscribed one - for example, if you have changed your email address -  include the //​subscribed//​ email address in the unsubscribe command, as below (where //​my@email.com//​ is the address you want to unsubscribe):​
 +  UNSUBSCRIBE physics-announce my@email.com
 +  ​
 +The mailing list system will send you a confirmation message, to which you'll need to reply to complete the unsubscription.
 ===== Creating new lists ===== ===== Creating new lists =====
-If you have a physics account, you can request ​creation of your own mailing list by logging in to [[http://lists.physics.umn.edu]].+At this time we are not supporting the creation of new lists on the existing SPA mail server. Suggested university supported alternatives include: 
 +  * [[https://it.umn.edu/​google-groups-request-group|Google Groups]] 
 +  * [[https://​it.umn.edu/​technology/​listserv|Lists.umn.edu]] 
 +  * A useful page on the comparisons can be found [[https://​it.umn.edu/​comparison/​compare-options-sending-email-group|here]].
-===== Other lists provided by the University ===== 
-  * [[http://​lists.umn.edu/​|UMN mailing lists]] 
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