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Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists which you may want to subscribe to, to keep up on the latest information.


The best-known public list is physics-announce, which receives announcements for colloquia, seminars and other events. To subscribe, please send an email to sympa@lists.physics.umn.edu, containing the message body:

SUBSCRIBE physics-announce

For further information on controlling your mailing lists subscription, you can send an email to the same address, containing the command


or you can visit the web site lists.physics.umn.edu

Other Mailing Lists Provided by Physics

Many mailing lists exist on the Physics list server, which you can find at the web site http://lists.physics.umn.edu/

Log in to the site with the username username@physics.umn.edu (replace username with your own physics username) and your physics password.

The lists are subdivided into categories:

  • Astronomy - lists set up for the Astronomy Department
  • Physics (Departmental) - lists for Physics departmental use (eg , “faculty”, “grads”, etc).
  • Physics (Classes) - lists related to classes
  • Physics (Projects) - lists related to research projects, workshops, or other individual projects.

Clicking “List of lists” towards the top of the page gives, amazingly, a list of all the available mailing lists.

Creating new lists

If you have a physics account, you can request creation of your own mailing list by logging in to http://lists.physics.umn.edu.

Other lists provided by the University

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