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Physics webmail system: Roundcube

Roundcube is the new Physics webmail system, replacing the older Squirrelmail.

You can access Roundcube webmail at https://mail.physics.umn.edu/roundcube/

Squirrelmail is still available at this URL (which you may want to bookmark): https://mail.physics.umn.edu/squirrelmail

What's different?

  1. The overall user interface is much more modern and easier to use.
  2. Display of HTML messages is much better than Squirrelmail
  3. Any filters you set up in squirrelmail are still present but lose their original names.
  4. The “archive” function which could export your entire mailbox in zip format no longer exists.
  5. You can't change your physics password within roundcube - use MyPhys instead.
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