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Android email setup

Follow this guide to set up android's 'email' app to use your physics email account


Set Up Email

  • Enter your email address (yourusername@physics.umn.edu) and password in the boxes provided. Note the password is for your physics account, NOT your x500 account.
  • Click 'Manual Setup'
  • Click “IMAP account”
  • for username enter your physics username (not email address)
  • for password enter your physics password
  • for IMAP server enter mail.physics.umn.edu
  • for port enter 993
  • for Security type choose SSL (Accept all certificates)
  • for IMAP path prefix leave blank
  • Click Next

Outgoing server settings

  • for SMTP server enter mail.physics.umn.edu
  • for Port enter 587
  • for Security type enter TLS (Accept all certificates) (all the way at the bottom)
  • check Require sign-in
  • for User name enter your physics username (not email address, same as up above)
  • for password enter your physics password same as above
  • Click Next

Account Options

  • Email check frequency can be set to whatever you like
  • Notify me when email arrives can be set as is your preference
  • Click Next

Set Up Email

  • for Give this account a name you can enter an account name used only on your device to show you which account you are interacting with (if you have more than one). I suggest Physics is a good name.
  • for Your name enter your full name, as you wish it to show to others you send email to.

You are done!

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