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Changing your Physics password

Make sure you change your password from the initial one given to you when your account was opened! We encourage you to change your password at least once every year, and although we don't enforce that at this time, you will start receiving annoying reminder emails if you haven't changed your password for a long time.

The easiest way to change your password is through our MyPhys website.

  • Then click on “Change Account Settings”.
  • Enter your current password in the box at the top, and your new password in the two new password boxes.
  • Click “Update Account”

Unix and Linux users can just use the regular “passwd” command.

Choosing a password

Choose a password that is at least 6 to 8 characters long, not all letters or all numbers, and not a dictionary word in any language or a permutation of such. Please don't give out your account password to anyone. Your account is for your own personal use and is not to be shared with anyone, including system administrators and your supervisors.

Weak passwords are easily broken by intruders with popular password cracking programs. To keep our system, secure, accounts which are found to have weak passwords will be disabled.

A good way to choose a strong password which you can remember is to base it on a memorable phrase. For example, “C!Wwbima” - based on “Curious! Who would break into my account?” (of course, now this has been given as an example, it is no longer a good choice - don't use this one!).

If you think you may have trouble remembering your password, then you can write it down and keep it somewhere safe, with other important items - such as in your wallet. Never write your password down and leave it near the computer or in your office.

Lost passwords

If you lose or forget your password, and can't log in, visit us in PAN room 347, with your University ID.

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