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 ===== Checking for software on a computer ===== ===== Checking for software on a computer =====
-If you're looking for a particular software ​package, you can check for it using the ''​yum''​ command. For example:+Software can be made available using a number of methods on our linux systems 
 +  - installed using the native linux package manager (rpm/yum) 
 +  - available within "​[[modules]]"​ 
 +  - available within a Redhat [[.:​development:​scl|"​software collection"​]] 
 +  - installed to a shared network directory on a server 
 +This can sometimes make it hard to determine what is available to you
 +Running the ''​locate''​ command on a particular ​machine can help to determine is a piece of software ​is present. 
 +You can check if a particular item is available as a linux package ​using the ''​yum''​ command. For example:
   yum list lapack   yum list lapack
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