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XMing X11 on Windows

An X server, Xming, is installed on most of our Windows systems. This lets you display window-based applications from remote Unix or Linux systems on your Windows screen. The best way to use it is in conjunction with SSH.

How To Run UNIX/Linux Programs in Windows

Find the XMing Launcher in the windows start menu:


When the launcher opens, choose the default “multiple windows” option, and click Next:

Select Display

In the next window, change the selected option to “Start a program” and click Next:

How to start

In the start a program window, type the name of the Unix/Linux program you want to run. The program “xterm” opens a shell prompt window, where you can run more programs from, so it is a good choice. Below that, choose Using Putty, in the remote section. For server to connect to, you can enter any Unix/Linux machine, or 'physics.umn.edu' for the general department computing server. Fill in your physics username and password, and click Next:

Run Remote

Leave all th eparameters options blank, and click Next:


Now click Finish, and your connection will be started:


The first time you use it, you will see a box to verify the certificate is correct for the server you are connecting to. You can click “Yes” and it will remember this host for next time:

ssl cert accept

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