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-====== Systems Announcements ====== +====== Systems ​News and Status ​Announcements ======
-For information on past & future outages of managed systems and network infrastructure,​ subscribe to the **systems announcement mailing list** at https://​support.physics.umn.edu/​wws/​info/​systems-announce+
-You can also manage your mailing list preferences via [[https://www.physics.umn.edu/​resources/myphys/mailinglists.html|MyPhys]]+Announcements related to Physics computing systems and networks, including news on planned or unplanned service shutdowns, are sent to the **systems announcement ​mailing list** at https://support.physics.umn.edu/​wws/info/systems-announce
-===== Recent Systems Announce Messages ===== +(You can find out more about our mailing lists in general here[[:​computing:​accounts:​email:​lists|Physics and Astronomy mailing lists]])
-{{rss>​https://​support.physics.umn.edu/​wws/​rss/​latest_arc/​systems-announce?​count=5&​for=30 description 10m}}+
-===== Other computing mailing lists =====+Most people will be automatically subscribed to ''​systems-announce''​ based on their presence in the physics directory, or login to our systems, but you can also subscribe manually at the above URL. 
 +You can check for Physics systems status or problems at the **[[http://​twitter.com/​PhysNetNews|@PhysNetNews Twitter feed]]**. You may want to bookmark this page, as it receives direct messages from our monitoring system of any critical problems. We also post messages there ourselves when necessary, for example if Physics mailing lists or networks are down. 
 +===== systems-announce messages from the last 60 days ===== 
 +{{rss>​https://​support.physics.umn.edu/​wws/​rss/​latest_arc/​systems-announce?​count=5&​for=60 date description 10m}} 
 +===== recent messages on @PhysNetNews ===== 
 +{{rss>​http://​api.twitter.com/​1/​statuses/​user_timeline.rss?​screen_name=PhysNetNews date }} 
 +===== status of main university systems ​===== 
 +{{rss>​http://​systemstatus.umn.edu/​view/​Main/​AlertsRss date }}
-  * [[https://​support.physics.umn.edu/​wws/​info/​unix-users|unix-users]] 
-  * [[https://​support.physics.umn.edu/​wws/​info/​windows-users|windows-users]] 
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