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Computing and Networking for Visitors

Short-term visitors

If you have short term visitors who be using their own laptop and simply need access to the wireless network, please consult our page on wireless guest access. There are several options depending on their needs, and the length of their stay. Remember that getting a Physics account does not enable login to the wireless network so if your visitor needs to use their laptop (etc) on wireless then this must be addressed separately.

If you have a visitor who needs casual login access to Physics linux workstations, or to the Physics website or wiki (for example, a restricted-access workshop page), then we can set up a short-term physics account for them. Office staff in Physics, Astronomy and FTPI have to ability to enable one of these accounts almost immediately. These accounts have a maximum lifetime of 14 days.

Long-term visitors

This category includes people who are here for longer periods, including (for example) visiting scholars, or members of the REU and RET programs.

They need to be set up with a sponsored x.500 account with associated Active Directory account in order to

  • use the secure wireless network
  • log into any physics Windows workstation - please make sure you check the “Active Directory” box when requesting their sponsored account
  • They may or may not need a U card, for access to keycard-operated areas or other activities.

Any faculty or staff can request the sponsored account and/or U card, at https://www.umn.edu/dirtools/sponsor (you need to provide an EFS account)

They also need to be entered into the Physics directory in order to

  • allow them to log into the Physics websites as an “internal” user
  • access MyPhys
  • obtain a Physics account
  • obtain a copy code for Physics copiers

They need a Physics account to log into Physics linux workstations or servers

  • we don't (normally) set up a Physics email account for visitors.
  • an account request can be generated when they are entered into the Physics Directory

Only Physics office staff can enter people into the physics directory and request a physics account.

Research collaborators

This category includes people who may never come to Minnesota but have a research relationship which may require use of Physics computing facilities (usually linux-based).

They should be entered into the Physics directory to generate an account request. For this type of account, you can send your request directly to net@physics.umn.edu. Note, the request must come from faculty in the department and not direct from the visitor!

We need to know:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Which faculty are they collaborating with?
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