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CrashPlan Pro Backups

A network backup system using Crashplan software is available. The system is run by CSE, but accounting and setup for Physics and Astronomy users is handled by net@physics.umn.edu

Essential information

  • Physics has a pool of 20 licenses in CSE crashplan. While we have these available, there is no startup cost; after they are exhausted, the startup cost is $55
  • The per-year cost is $30 for each user (starting 7/2015)
  • Must use non-sponsored funds
  • The user is “tied” to your university x.500 account (ie this is intended as backup of individual data, not for a shared research group).
  • Each user can backup up to 4 devices
  • The size limit of backed-up data is not yet defined but should be “reasonable” (eg a few TB).

If you are interested in using this system, send email to us at net@physics.umn.edu, with the account string to charge annually, and we will get you set up. The system sends you an “invitation” with a web link to log in and download the software. It's very easy to set up, though if you need assistance please let us know.

The email “invitation” from the crashplan system refers to setting a password when you first visit - you can ignore this; it uses your UMN x.500 username and password

Physics crashplan server

10/2014 - The Physics crashplan server is now in a “frozen” state and we are not accepting new backup clients. Existing users should transition to the CSE system described above. We expect it to shut down by the end of 2014.

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