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Network access for guests

Wireless access for short-term Guests or Conferences

For visitors without UofM internet accounts, there are two ways to access the wireless network.

  1. The simplest is to simply connect to the network named “UofM Guest”. You can use any existing email address to log in to this network. However the “UofM Guest” network is quite restricted in what can be used - it can be used to access the web, but not for ssh access, has no ability to print, etc.
  2. Staff and faculty can also sponsor short-term wireless access for another person. The access expires at midnight after 4-5 days. Go to https://www.umn.edu/dirtools/sponsor-wireless for more information and to sponsor an account. Your visitor should then be able to use this account to connect to the “UofM” or “UofM Secure” networks.

Visitors from other educational institutions can generally use the eduroam wireless network, using their credentials from their home institution. UMN doesn't appear to have any good directions for setting this up at present, but the US eduroam site has some links to user support resources

Multiple guest accounts for conferences can also be requested directly from OIT, although 7 days lead time is needed. More information on this is available at https://umnprd.service-now.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0017030

More general information on guest wireless access is available at http://it.umn.edu/services/all/data-network/wifi-network/guest-access/index.htm

Wireless access for longer-term guests

If you have visitors who need wireless access for longer than the above 4-5 days, and if they can't use the “UofM Guest” or “eduroam” networks described above, it is possible to create guest accounts for longer periods than the above system.

  • (Some) office staff in the physics front office and FTPI have this ability
  • or you can send a request to net@physics.umn.edu.

We absolutely need the following information to create the account, please make sure you provide all of it. It's a long list, but without it we cannot get the account created.

  • Guest name
  • The start and end dates for the wireless account
  • Their organization
  • Their email address which cannot be at umn.edu
  • Their address, city, state, zip
  • Their phone number

Once the account is created, the access details are sent to the supplied email address.

For longer-term visitors, you might want to consider whether a sponsored X.500 account might be a better solution.

Note though, that this only sets your visitor up with wireless network access. If they require any other services, such as a U card, or logging in to Physics Windows workstations, you should consult our visitor accounts information

Wired network access for guests

Registered wired network access is not available for guests apart from very special circumstances.

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