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Network Registration and Configuration


If you are a short-term visitor to the Tate Lab, please see our Network access for guests page.

To register a computer for use on the Physics network, follow these steps:

  1. First, find the network hardware address of your computer. You can find this using these instructions from ADCS.
  2. Register your computer for the Physics network using our online Network Registration Tool.
  3. Finally, configure your computer to obtain its address using DHCP. For help on how to do this, you can refer to the ADCS internet connection guide.

You will be reminded via email to renew your registration on the web site once per year.

Static Addresses

If your computer needs a static address, you should still register it for DHCP. You might need a static address for a server or other devices such as network printers.

In the registration tool, check the box to request a static address. We will register the hostname and assign an IP address for you. Configure your computer to use DHCP, and it will obtain the assigned static address.

If you have special networking needs, Contact Us.

Wireless Network

No registration is needed to use our wireless networks. Consult our page on wireless networking for more information.

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