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 ==== Backups ==== ==== Backups ====
 Supported Unix and Windows home directories on the department'​s managed systems are backed up every night. ​ Supported Unix and Windows home directories on the department'​s managed systems are backed up every night. ​
-===== e-Mail ==== 
-mail.physics.umn.edu is the only supported mail server within the department. Access is available via IMAP mail clients. SSL encryption is also required. You may also access your mail via the the Physics or UMN webmail interfaces. The supported mail clients is Thunderbird - information on how to configure this is provided on the web site. 
-Users may choose to use the UMN mail system instead. In this case physics mail should be forwarded there. 
-===== Web ==== 
-Two web servers are operated by the department. ​ 
-==== www.physics.umn.edu ==== 
-www.physics.umn.edu is the department'​s main web server. This is used for general departmental information,​ class pages and other administrative functions. 
-==== groups.physics.umn.edu ==== 
-A second server is available for other uses by members of the department. The following services are supported: 
-  * Personal web pages may be hosted on webusers.physics.umn.edu. 
-  * Groups can either create pages on groups.physics.umn.edu,​ or else a virtual server can be created after the group'​s name (e.g. cosmos.physics.umn.edu). The first option is simplest for basic sites; the second allows easier CGI hosting. 
-  * Each research group account can have an associated MySQL database created for them. An optional web-based interface to the MySQL server is provided. 
-  * Perl and PHP scripting languages are supported. ​ 
-SSL encryption is not currently available on this machine. 
-===== Network access ==== 
-Network addressing for all non-server systems is provided wherever possible by DHCP, which can provide either dynamic or static addresses. Registration of the system'​s ethernet hardware address is required for DHCP service. 
-Network access within PAN is by default restricted by our firewall policy. It may not be possible to pass some kinds of traffic in a secure manner. In special circumstances a separate network segment can be created for particular systems. 
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