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Students should go to the CSE-IT Software Downloads page, which will redirect them to OIT's Labview page.

LabView is licensed for both instructional and research activities by the College of Science and Engineering.

NI's Academic site license page has details on what software is included (note, we do not license MultiSIM).

The Windows (32-bit) installer for LabView can be downloaded from the MyPhys software downloads page.

Some installers were packaged as a .7z archive (you will need 7zip to unpack these). Most are ISO files.

Labview must connect to a network license server in order to operate. Your computer must be connected to the university network, so if you are operating off-campus, you will need to connect to the U's VPN in order for the license server communication to work.

To configure the license server

  • Install the NI software on your local machine and restart the computer
  • Open NI License Manager by selecting Start→All Programs→National Instruments→NI License Manager
  • Select the Options→Preferences menu item.
  • Click the Use Volume License Servers checkbox.
  • Enter the name of the volume license server:
    • labview.cselabs.umn.edu:27001
  • Click OK. NI License Manager will then query for the server.
  • A successful connection to the server will be indicated on the left-hand side of the NI License Manager as well as in the Field and Value headers for that server.

Older directions (unsure which version this changed):

  • Start labview, go to Help→Activate Labview Components
  • Launch from the dialog,
  • Then open Options→Preferences
  • In the preferences dialog, check the Use Volume License Servers box, then enter the server info:
    • labview.cselabs.umn.edu:27001

Useful resources

Labview discussion forums and knowledgebase: http://www.ni.com/support/

Third-party instrument drivers used in conjunction with NI-488 (eg Keithley 237, etc): http://www.ni.com/devzone/idnet/default.htm

Labview 2013 may not install successfully on Windows XP unless you first install Windows Installer 4.5: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942288

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