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The College of Science and Engineering maintains a Matlab license that makes the product available to many different users within the College.

University Owned Computers

Matlab can be installed on all University owned computers; it is already installed by default on many teaching and lab computers.

  • SPA Windows users can install Matlab (if not already present) via Software Center
  • SPA Linux computers can load Matlab via modules
    • There are several versions available, module avail will list the various packages
    • To load Matlab module load matlab will load the default, most recent version, otherwise module load matlab/201xx

Student Computer Installation

CSELabs users can download and install Matlab on their own computers

  • View CSE's instructions and information here
  • Matlab is also available to be ran through a web interface at apps.umn.edu

Faculty and Staff Instructional Use

The License also covers installation for Faculty and Staff personally owned computers used for instructional or research use.

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