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X server software


Several packages are in use within the department.

  • A free X server, Xming, can be obtained from http://sourceforge.net/projects/xming (this is also installed on most of our managed windows systems, and basic instructions for using it can be found here: XMing: X11 on Windows).
  • XWin32 is available from ADCS for an initial cost of $25 plus $25 annual renewal.
  • The MicroImages Xwindows server MI/X is available for about $25.


An X11 server for Mac OS X can be downloaded directly from Apple.


You may also want to check out VNC, another remote-access system. If you intend to use it across the internet, rather than for local use within Tate Lab, you should read directions for SSH tunnelling, as the non-encrypted version is blocked at our firewall. Here are some HOWTOs on doing this:

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