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Ethics in Research

University, State, and Federal Policies

University, state, and federal policies and procedures are found at http://www.research.umn.edu/ethics/policies/. It also contains instructional materials that seminar leaders can use.

APS Ethics Statement

APS Authorship Statement

Publication and Authorship Practices

Excerpt from http://www.aps.org/policy/statements/02_2.cfm

Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the concept, design, execution or interpretation of the research study. All those who have made significant contributions should be offered the opportunity to be listed as authors. Other individuals who have contributed to the study should be acknowledged, but not identified as authors. The sources of financial support for the project should be disclosed.

Plagiarism constitutes unethical scientific behavior and is never acceptable. Proper acknowledgement of the work of others used in a research project must always be given. Further, it is the obligation of each author to provide prompt retractions or corrections of errors in published works.

The Ethics of Scientific Research: A guidebook for course development

Judy E. Stern, Ph.D. and Deni Elliott, Ed.D. - Dartmouth College

Ethics Case Study Sources


Topics covered

Conflict of Interest
Data Acquisition
Educational Concerns
Health and Safety
Human Subjects Research
Issues of Bias
Publication Practices
Responsible Conduct of Research and Participation

Ethics Orientation Slides by Allen Goldman

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