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Department/University Policies and Resources

Disability Resource Center: Many students have course accommodations registered through the Disability Resource Center. These accommodations vary greatly and can include time extensions on exams, peer note takers, classroom aids, etc. If a student asks about accommodations, TAs must refer the student to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator and the instructor. Students will not receive accommodations unless they provide their accommodation letter to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. The Undergraduate Program Coordinator handles all accommodations. Please do not offer any accommodations or information to students, as TAs do not have the authority to grant accommodations.

Legally, students do not have to disclose any information regarding why they have an accommodation letter, and TAs are not allowed to ask about the accommodation letter’s circumstances. Respect students’ privacy and do not discuss accommodations other than with the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, course instructor, and the student. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action.

Away Exams: Sometimes students request away exams. Students who need an away exam must contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator and the instructor to set up the away exam. Only the Undergraduate Program Coordinator and the instructor can determine whether the student can be allowed to take an away exam.

Student Privacy The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects student data and allows students to review nearly all the information the University of Minnesota maintains on him/her. FERPA also protects private student data, such as student grades, ID numbers, social security numbers, and directory information (addresses/phone number) that has been suppressed.

Never post grades by Social Security Number, student ID number, or any other way in which the student could be identified. Exams, papers, blue books, or any other graded materials containing identifiable student information (such as name, student ID number) should be distributed directly to students or available for pick up in a private manner. Leaving a box of graded work outside your office/in mailboxes is unacceptable. TAs who violate FERPA will result in disciplinary action. Violations of FERPA can result in the University losing federal funding.

Teaching Evaluations: TAs and faculty both are provided with anonymous feedback via the Student Rating of Teaching (SRTs). SRTs take place at the end of each semester during labs for TAs, and during lecture for the instructor. The results of the SRTs are available several weeks after the semester has ended. TA SRTs are used to determine if a TA needs additional teaching development opportunities.

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