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Information about installing BOSS 6.6.0

BOSS Re-install

  • Alexey has re-issued 6.6.0 and we are reinstalling it as of 2011-5-12

Some points of interest:

  • requires SL5 amd64 kernel and userspace.
  • requires GCC 4.3.2 (exactly this version!)
  • new dead symlinks courtesy of Alexey; Derrick fixed these up in commit c696ca0bfd43d14e4bab4873a05c4baaafbe94f6 of boss-tools.

More about kernel/userspace

It seems likely that we will be able to switch to SL5 amd64 soon; to maintain compatibility with older versions of BOSS, we'll install 32-bit compatibility libraries.

More about GCC 4.3.2

Using urt, net has agreed to support a custom-compiled install of GCC 4.3.2. I've written a build script for it, and have spent a bit of time refining it in order to make this possible.

In theory, this is Derrick-safe material; if there are issues, though, I'm not sure Derrick has the background to effectively obtain help. Then again, in such a situation, I'm not sure net would have enough free time to tinker with it. I think we just have to hope that there aren't any drastic changes.

With Derrick's fix, the broken symlinks are exactly:


The reason these can't also be automatically fixed is because these directories just don't exist here: Alexey is not distributing the clhep, oracle, or Grid packages.

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