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4100 level, old station in power mag. Access via Yates or Ross. Can operate multiple seismometers (huddle tests).

Status: should have power and network.

Install sheet: 4100a.pdf

Site information

Q330 serial 0100000B699DADB2
Q330 tag 1405
Q330 IP
Sensor type STS-2
Sensor serial 90037
Baler tag 05228
GPS transceiver serial DY5A10127
Switch label 4100 SW 2

Site log

Date Comments Update by
01/21/2015 Tanner, Daniel, and Gary installed the full station. Timing is not yet available (fiber needs to be hung). Tanner
01/29/2015 GPS timing is now connected and working well. Tanner
02/02/2015 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
04/02/2015 Used the Octans to align the seismometer. The seismometer was centered after the alignment. Tanner
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