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Attending: Michael, Peter B, Vuk, Riccardo, Victor, Tanner, Eric, Gabor, Gary, Pat

1) Status at Homestake (Vuk, Victor, Tanner)

Vuk: Not much new, still waiting to hear back from SURF about the cost estimates at 1700 and about the battery use restrictions.

2) PASSCAL communications (Vuk, Gary)

Vuk, Tanner: started to look through the Q330 manuals, there is a lot of information, doesn't seem well organized. Will need more time to understand it, and would probably be useful to speak with tech support about it.

Gary, Victor: Next week there is the geo union meeting in SF, Quanterra and PASSCAL people will be there. Could speak with them Vuk to provide some info and questions.

3) UMN test setup (Tanner) (slides)

Tanner finished the test setup (see slides), of the style we had at Homestake. Took data for a day. Looks reasonable, although the gain factor might be wrong. Tanner will follow up. Gary: non-zero DC is normal. Safe to assume that everything below a few mHz is just garbage and can be ignored. Vuk: will write to Passcal to request a Q330, along with the GPS receiver.

4) Analysis of existing data

a) Wiener filtering (Michael, Jan) Michael: most of the Wiener filter work is finished, some polishing remains. New direction is the Hilbert transform: HT of the vertical channel used to get tilt-free estimates of the horizontal channels. Made a causal version of the Hilbert filter, starting to look at applying this to existing data and build a Wiener filter. Also talking to MIT people to apply this to one of their test setups. Michael: will prepare a short presentation about this for one of the future meetings. Michael: looking for feedback on the paper, hopes to push it forward quickly.

b) Estimation algorithms (Shivaraj, Eric) Eric: started to look at this, started with Shivaraj's code. Trying to get familiar with it, run and study it. Begin making some mods etc. Hopefully will have more next time. Vuk: should speak with Shivaraj to organize this effort.

5) Next meeting: Jan 9

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