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Homestake call minutes, 10/30/2014

Attending: Riccardo, Tanner, Gary, Victor, Noah, Vuk, Pat, Eric, Nelson

Homestake wiki: https://zzz.physics.umn.edu/groups/homestake/home

Our agenda:

1) Homestake update: aim for the week of Nov 17:

* PASSCAL should be sending many boxes this week, they should make it to Homestake by Nov 10 or so. * Liteway should be sending 4 GPS units and all cables/splitters to UMN this week as well, which should give Tanner a couple of weeks to test them before the Homestake trip. * Should be better in terms of snow. * A bit better availability of people.

Gary, Tanner, and Pat will take this trip. Tanner and Pat could drive again, since they have to bring the digitizers and GPS units, on Sunday Nov 16 and pick up Gary from the airport at Rapid City. Could purchase what is needed in Rapid City (dog houses, maybe batteries too), and then drive to Lead.

On Monday, the team (plus Jamey) would have to look at and test the PASSCAL equipment, and install the radio on the roof of Yates. Probably will take most of the day. Will set up the instruments and run them for a few hours, compare the outputs.

Gary and Pat would then work on the surface stations on Tue, Wed and maybe part of Thu if Gary can make it. Pat could then drive Gary back to Rapid to catch his flight on Wed or Thu. Estimate 3-4 hours per station.

Tanner would work with Jamey on the underground stations on Tue-Thu. Could use Friday Nov 21 to tune the data stream on the surface (no underground access anyway), but if things are going well this could be the return day.

Gary: for digitizers on surface stations, will use a dog house - plastic, igloo-shaped, can take top off. Have to make a door. Should be able to pop the top off. Good for shedding the water etc, so well suited for this. Will ship early next week to Homestake. Will give information to Vuk to purchase, maybe in MN.

Tanner: what about safety training for this trip? Vuk will follow up on this…

Gary: Do we need sealed batteries underground? Need them for surface sites. Will call a couple of companies in Rapid. May need them underground, have to think more about it. If we need only 5 batteries, maybe could bring them from MSP.

Riccardo/Gary: Underground could use a power supply, but worry about the cleanliness of the power. Could try them for the time being and see how reliable they are.

Riccardo: should sample the power supply for diagnostic. Gary: should be 1 sample per second.

2) UMN test setup (Tanner)

Tanner: No news, did not hear back from Tim. Did the general config for Q330 and the setup of the antelope software, but these do not seem compatible at the moment.

Gary: should ask PASSCAL (Tim Parker or Noel) for a starting point with configuration file, USArray files would be good starting points.

Gary: should be very careful about paperwork. Follow standard procedure checklists, keep inventory of all equipment etc. Gary will provide it. Post scan pdfs on the wiki, each station should have its own page.

3) Analysis of existing data

  1. Estimation algorithms (Shivaraj, Eric, Noah)

Noah: making progress with the rayleigh wave code, trying to do simulations systematically. Will try to have it ready by next meeting.

Next meeting Nov 13.

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