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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 02/19/15

Attending: Daniel, Vuk, Tanner, Gary, Jan, Pat, Victor

Homestake wiki: https://zzz.physics.umn.edu/groups/homestake/home

Our agenda:

1) Homestake status

  • stations duty cycle: Tanner checked occasionally the data flow, looks like all of the data is coming in except the WTP station. Last week centered all seismometers.
  • data flow: Currently from Homestake to UMN, but not further to UI or Caltech. Tanner emailed the admins to allow access to Caltech and Indiana, didn't hear back. Tanner will go talk to them to speed this up.
  • frames: Tanner putting together the code for writing frames, much of it ready. In the process will try to do some quick checks of the data quality channels, such as the clock quality, voltage, mass positions etc. Will try to condense all of this information into one number that will specify the state of the given station. Will talk to Gary about which quality channels are important and how to best check/track them. Tanner will put together a list of checks and circulate them for comments from the rest of the group.
  • Tanner: will also try to make easy monitoring of the data, maybe giving a flag on the website etc. We should set up shifts so that we monitor the data continuously and react before we lose much data.

2) Planning next visit: Mar 23-Apr 3

  • batteries: Vuk should buy diodes and connectors for Terry to put together the diode boxes. Connectors should make connecting/disconnecting simpler and without additional tools. Will try to have the components to Terry by next week.
  • Gary will try to send 30 batteries from another project which is finishing. Will be starting to pull them out on March 16, so can get the batteries out by March 19 or 20, arriving to Lead by Mar 27 or so. Vuk should order 20 batteries for the 4850 17-ledge location, and we could use Gary's for the 2000 location (aim for installation in the second week).
  • locations: discussions ongoing with SURF, looks likely that we will install a station at the 2000 level, about 2000' northwest from the existing stations (which would be almost directly below the planned stations at the 1700 level). Will need batteries.
  • diode box with connectors
  • Pat will rent a car on Friday Mar 20 (should be around 3pm in Lead). Victor will rent another car on Sunday Mar 22 (leaving on Wed). No access days are Mar 27 and 30. Pat might be able to start huddle tests before weekends, we should talk to SURF.
  • Vuk to contact Gary about enabling the radio from WTP station.


  • Build and install the 4850 station near 17 ledge, including huts and the battery pad (if necessary).
  • Install the two 2000ft stations. Power and network should be available by the time we arrive (network is currently down).
  • Install the 1700 station nearest to Yates. Will not have network.
  • Potentially install another station at 2000, further northwest. Discussions with SURF are in progress on this.
  • Fix the radio issue with the water treatment plant station.
  • Potentially install other surface stations, depending on weather.
  • Improve the stability of the data flow.

3) Analysis of existing data

  • Estimation algorithms: Noah making progress on the recovery of S-waves and S-wave component of the Rayleigh waves. Hope to have more results in 2 weeks.
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