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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 05/14/2015

Attending: Gary, Vuk, Gwynne, Tanner, Pat, Michael

Our agenda:

  • Homestake status:
    • troubled stations: 1700, 2000A, 2000E, Yates - same status as last week.
    • other: Tanner: antelope today is down at UMN. Will talk to the admins, but will have rsync. Data stream going to IRIS, but not being released yet (for 2 years). Gary: noticed Oro Hondo is getting close to recentering, may have to do it remotely.
    • data flow: no problem
  • Next Homestake trip, May 15-23
    • planning for active excitations: Jaret will give us the contact people to discuss this with. There will be paperwork…
    • First day: look for supplies for all 3 far stations, do huddle test, find the shipment from Indiana with batteries/boxes. Could also try to fix the Yates station. Bring the computer home.
    • High-school site, network, computing: Gary: all lined up for Tue. Will move the computer from the IT room to highschool and set up antelope on it, push the data to UMN. Tanner: will have to install Linux on the computer, will take the computer home and work on it over the weekend. Will be able to connect remotely to this computer when it is installed at the highschool. Gary: will have to adjust the configuration at UMN so that it accepts data from two IP addresses. UMN admins already opened the IP for highschool.
    • Rhyolite Ridge: Wed, all set up.
    • far stations: Gary reached only the older lady, but neither of the other two. Will try to do it on the spot, maybe look for another location at the Strawberry Creek.
    • underground trip: scheduled for Monday. Should take enough hardware, or have it delivered underground the night before. Will also have time for a second trip later in the week if necessary.
  • data analysis
    • calibration
    • radiometer method: Noah making progress with normalization, can try to discuss it at the next meeting.
    • data analysis workshop
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