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Homestake meeting minutes, 08/06/15

Attending: Vuk, Victor, Tanner, Noah, Levi, Gary, Gwynne, Pat

Homestake wiki: https://zzz.physics.umn.edu/groups/homestake/home

Our agenda:

1) Homestake array status

  • Vuk on shift this week: timing seems fine, large 1hr long disturbance on 8/5 observed by all stations. E2000 as usual, WTP also has large variations in mass positions.
  • Gary: WTP has gaps sometimes, possibly due to weather.
  • Tanner: there was a loss of timing for 30min in some of the stations. Fixed itself.
  • Vuk will contact Jamey to determine the current GPS distribution and post a diagram on the wiki.

2) Next Homestake trip

  • No underground access on Aug 31, Sep 7, Sep 11-14, Sep 25-28
  • Gary arrives on Sep 7, Terry and IU student on Sep 10. Pat should be there around Sep 8 (Pat can leave on Sep 15), Gary could pick him up.
  • Sep 9 go to fix 2000E, at least lay the new pad/tile.
  • Sep 10 replace balers in the 3 stand-alone stations, Highschool, and WTP (to fix the data gaps). Probably leave other stations (Ross, Yates, OHO) until later, maybe as we pass by these sites in the activation experiment.
  • Sep 10 also fix telemetry on LHS, replace the antennas. Could do this in parallel with baler swap, using two teams. Hardware is at IU, Terry will bring it (driving from IU). Gary will communicate to the Highschool to coordinate. There will be networking issues as well to send the data to Minnesota.
  • Sep 11-14: Lee's students should be present, weight drop experiments on the surface. Should double-check with Lee, but it would be good for the students to be there on 9/11 (friday) so that they can do the safety training. Sep 14 might be a safety training day, Gary will check.
  • Sep 15-24: Gary, Terry, IU student. Additional hardware from PASSCAL should arrive on Sep 15. Plan underground excitations on Sep 16. Planning 4 days on 4100, using 3-component geophones and hammer blows in different directions, and possibly at 4850. Reflection geometry experiment at 2000 (human pull-able equipment, similar to what we'll do on surface). Will have to bring equipment down via 1700, or maybe down Ross. This should take 2 days. May put fixed geophones at the stations at 2000, which could give us absolute timing - but not critical, only care about the relative timing.
  • end date: hoping for Sep 24, but not sure…
  • Handling data from balers: will get the data off the balers onto a USB disk and will copy it to the master computer in the IT room, and will then copy it to our institutions. IRIS has good ways to handle the merging of data, so we can send the baler data to IRIS, have them merge it, and then request our data back.
  • Gary will prepare a gadget to re-orient the E2000 station after the new pad is made. Will try to do this for geophones as well.

3) data analysis updates

  • data analysis workshop: Oct 23-25 (Fri-Sun). Three days nominally, but not everyone might be able to stay for the entire period. Vuk will send an email organizing this.
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