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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 10/02/2015

Attending: Tanner, Vuk, Levi, Victor, Pat, Gwynne, Daniel

Homestake wiki: https://zzz.physics.umn.edu/groups/homestake/home

Our agenda:

- Homestake array status: Pat: observed large dips in 2000E roughly about once a day, sometimes in all channels but usually in the east direction the effect is the largest. Should ask Gary for photos of the new set up. Other stations ok. Tanner: data flow ok, getting highschool data now too. Daniel will update the DQ monitoring code.

- Update on activation experiments Daniel: looked a bit at the data for surface activation, could see signals at the 4850 level.

- Data analysis updates

  1. Data analysis workshop, Oct 23-25 (Fri-Sun) at UMN.
  2. Vuk: suggest that we prepare a list of topics/questions that we want to explore at the workshop. Send ideas via email, and let's discuss it at the next call.
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