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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 08/25/16

Attending: Daniel, Gary, Levi, Vuk, Victor, Pat


  • Homestake status
    • Array seems to be healthy, still have RR and WTP
    • Gary: LHS seems to be off, we may have lost the connection. Gary will check with the network person at the highschool.
    • Vuk: Can't have the west main lodge, Pat will give information to Gary about the place they stayed last time. Gary will make the arrangements.
    • Vuk will make the workplan and contact Tom to access RR.
    • Gary will contact the private owners the week before the trip.
    • Daniel and Voon will not make it to the lab before 5pm on Friday, will have to get the tools etc on Saturday morning. Gary might be able to make it before closing on Friday, but not sure.
    • Will also need the tools, laptop etc for downloading the balers. Will have to charge them asap. Pat will mail the USB drives for downloading the data.
    • Gary: will probably bring additional digging tools.
  • Data analysis
    • Pat will give a talk next week at the LIGO collaboration meeting, will try to focus on the radiometer.
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