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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 09/08/16

Attending: Gary, Levi, Zhi, Vuk, Ross, Andrew, Surendra, Victor, Pat


  • Status of the Homestake array
    • Ross: all looks good, other than the known problems at RR and WTP stations.
    • LHS: no news, Gary did not hear back from them. May give up on this now, we will visit soon anyway.
  • Homestake visit, 9/23-29
    • RR station: visit Todd Deux on Monday 09/26, 8am
    • Gary: to call the private owners late next week.
    • Waiting to hear from Jaret about recycling.
  • Gary: Array processing powerpoint pptx
    • Observe that transient signals very among stations even deep, but are more consistent as compared to the surface signals.
    • New tool for fitting based on subarrays (surface, 2000's, 4000's) reveals surface phase speed being much higher than 3D speed. Will try to repeat on a teleseismic event, should be able to average over a longer period of time (here only averaging over 1-2 cycles). Hope to repeat on many local and distant events, look for systematic effects.
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