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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 09/22/16

Attending: Andrew, Daniel, Victor, Voon, Zhi, Levi, Vuk


  • Homestake visit
    • Meet with Tom on Saturday morning, to pick up the tools. Daniel: Would be good to have Tom's phone number.
    • Monday: RR station in the morning, hopefully Jamey can help us on Monday or Tuesday with the radio antenna.
    • 1700 problem: new drainage system creates a lot of noise for our station. This is contaminating the data, but we may be able to use this to study the effect on the rock due to the accumulating water. In any case, will not go down to this station during this trip.
    • Daniel: quality monitoring OK this week.
  • Data analysis
    • Levi and Pat are looking at Tanner's code for rayleigh parameter estimation. Pat wrote everything in python to consolidate different routines, and now they are ready to move forward. Levi still to add the Love parameter estimation, should be straightforward.
    • Victor: this study would be of interest to geophysics as well.
    • Vuk: will stay in touch as we proceed, and will discuss results as they become available.
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