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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 10/06/2016

Attending: Levi, Vuk, Gary, Daniel, Victor, Pat, Terry


  • Homestake array update
    • Daniel: removed all surface stations, everything in boxes in cold storage. Tried to pack everything so that in December the boxes can be simply added. Has inventory sheet, will add it to the wiki. Pallets are there (4 of them) in cold storage, two of them already used for surface stations (but can probably add to them). Pick them up with a forklift. Hope to bring the truck to the cold storage, via a different gate/road that may be even easier for the truck to go through.
    • Gary: Connector came off the antenna at RR station, not sure how that happened. Probably wasn't installed right.
    • Daniel: timing slowly drifted off at this station, got a timing lock at the decommissioning, so could try to get a linear correction.
    • Gary: for the archive they will flag it, but we should be able to do better, and make new miniSEED files that have the corrected data. Not sure how large the correction will need to be, probably of order 1 second.
    • Daniel: for some applications where timing matters, maybe we just not use this station. Vuk/Gary agree.
    • Daniel: Gary and Daniel have a copy of the baler data.
    • Gary/Vuk: probably best to wait until December to get baler data for underground stations, and deal with it all then.
  • Planning the final decommissioning trip
    • Personnel: Terry, Daniel, Pat, Vuk (probably in part). Gary cannot come, Victor also teaching. Ross can't come, has classes.
    • Daniel: it is still not clear with Jaret what we should leave, concerned with fire hazards. Gary agrees, try to minimize the amount of stuff to remove. Vuk agrees.
    • Vuk will talk to Jaret, aim to have details sorted out by the next meeting in 2 weeks.
    • Proposal:
      • Sunday (eg Nov 27): arrive mid-day and access the storage to prepare a few boxes for Monday.
      • Monday: visit 4100 and uninstall 3 stations. Leave panels at Yates for the night crew to bring to surface
      • Tuesday: visit 1700/2000 and uninstall 6 stations. Leave Yates panels AND instrument boxes at Ross and 1700 panels at Yates for the night crew
      • Wednesday: visit 4850 and uninstall 4 stations. Leave panels at Yates.
      • Thursday: visit 800 and 300 and uninstall the two stations. Leave panels at Yates, or bring them out ourselves.
    • This would give us Friday and the weekend to clean up the equipment, stuff the boxes, do inventory, and prepare the pallets.
    • Issue:
      • We might not be able to handle 2000 and 1700 in one day. In this case, maybe we could split up and have 2 crews on Thursday, one to finish off 2000 and the other to uninstall 800 and 300.
      • Some old stations have old equipment, as well as panels on the walls, so they may take more time to clean up.
      • Can we get motors on each level, question for SURF.
  • Data analysis
    • Gary: looking at data from the land-streamer, to figure out the time. The likely reason this is so difficult is that the engine of the truck and hydraulics was significant, making the noise correlated among different stations (including deep underground stations). This makes it difficult to make correlations to determine the timing. All of this is tens of Hz. This is a hypothesis, should look at it more…
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