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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 10/20/16

Attending: Terry, Vuk, Gary, Andrew, Levi, Ross, Victor, Daniel, Pat


  • Homestake array status
    • Power cycle at the admin building brought down the master node of the GPS distribution system. Jaret repowered it, it is operating again. The system was down for 4-5 days, but the timing shifted by ~3ms, not really an issue for our analyses.
    • Gary: spoke with PASSCAL about it, not a big deal in terms of data quality. Small part of data, not critical.
    • Data flow OK.
  • Planning next visit, Nov 27 - Dec 5. The current plan is:
    • Terry, Daniel and Pat will arrive on Nov 27. Pat will rent a car, Daniel will reserve the house.
    • Vuk will join on Nov 28 or 29, will rent a second car.
    • Daniel will leave on Dec 3, Vuk on Dec 4, Pat and Terry on Dec 5.
    • Visit all underground stations Mon-Thu. Break down the huts, but leave some of the substantial walls on 2000L and 4100L. Leave the wooden crib on 2000L. Leave the granite tiles in place in all locations.
    • Prepare the shipment in the Ross Warehouse: this may change, still discussing with Jaret et al, but this is the nicest place to work, has infrastructure that we could use.
    • Vuk will work on Work plan and decommissioning template
    • Gary: systematically take photos of each station. Subtleties that may be relevant for future installations, and will be helpful for a paper documenting the experiment. Photos will help preserve information, that we'll have to digest and summarize later. May be able to assess how differences in installation impact instrument performance.
    • Have to estimate weight of the shipment and communicate with PASSCAL to schedule the shipment.
    • Gary: there could be a complication with the GPS antenna, which may be impossible to do depending on the weather. We can send this later, but someone at Sanford will have to do it for us. Remember also the computer and Q330 in the IT room.
    • Gary: don't need to do anything with that computer, no need to back it up, leave it to PASSCAL. Vuk/Daniel agree.
    • Terry: will call PASSCAL when we get close to schedule the shipment.
    • Terry: prepare inventory, ask PASSCAL to send theirs to us. Probably best to ask Pnina - Vuk will do that.
  • Data analysis updates
    • Gary: looked at the active source data. The weight-drop is at the top of our band, so the noise is essentially monochromatic in this narrow band. This is probably what's going on. There are some variations in amplitude, possibly due to local effects, how the drop couples to the ground. Even on 4m scale, a few shots apart they start to look very different.
    • Vuk, others: will continue these meetings even after the experiments end to make sure we coordinate and produce papers. Could be less frequent than they are currently.
    • Gary: producing a catalog for 2015, Ross retrieved data from regional stations, and will extract events. Depending on how this goes, may try to continue into 2016 too. May have something to show next meeting.
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