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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 11/17/16

Attending: Vuk, Pat, Ross, Voon, Daniel, Victor


  • Status of the Homestake Array: No news.
  • Planning next visit, 11/27 - 12/05
    • Vuk: Tom is available on Sunday afternoon, should meet with Pat, Daniel, and Terry to collect crates to be delivered underground on Sunday evening to 4100. After that, the team will have to prepare the crates each afternoon for the following day. Preparing information for the shipment to PASSCAL, but also to Minnesota and Cal State (Riccardo). There may be other shipment(s) as well, as we extract all equipment from the mine. Vuk will join Tuesday afternoon.
    • Vuk will send another email as a checklist of what we need to do.
  • Data analysis updates: No news.
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