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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 02/23/17

Attending: Vuk, Daniel, Gary, Levi, Pat, Victor, Andrew, Ross


  • Data analysis topics
    • Gary: working with Ross on the catalog, processed 500 events, trying to fit the events in some plane-wave stacking techniques. Breaking the data between surface, mid, and deep stations. Trying different groupings, not ready to show results yet. May yield a figure or two about how events look like for the overview paper.
    • Pat: working on the radiometer, making it more flexible. Mostly working, still have some bugs with signs etc, working on it.
    • Pat: also working on parameter estimation, using Tanner's code and a new code - they don't agree yet, working on it.
  • Papers
    • Homestake Array Summary paper pdf
      • Leads: Vuk, Gary, Victor
      • Others: all
      • Vuk presented a draft, attached above, which is still missing components.
      • Gary: can add how large the tides look like in this data, to illustrate how good the data is.
      • Victor: should discuss authorship.
      • Vuk: could put first the people who lead any given paper.
      • Gary: should make part 1 and part 2 papers, where the active measurements should be described in a separate paper. There are aspects about the sensor deployment that were learned, and could be lost in a long paper.
      • Gary/Victor: Seism. Research Lett. would be a good place for this paper(s). Editors are encouraging this type of letters. Not sure what length constraints are, but Gary thinks 2-3 pages is what he has seen.
      • It looks like 6000 words, 10 figures.
      • Decided: there will be a second overview paper on active excitation experiments, Gary will take the lead.
      • Daniel: have a topographical plot, could try to add drifts. Vuk will send some plots of the drifts.
      • Gary: could add a movie in the supplement to the paper, potentially with particle motions.
      • Daniel: will play around with power spectra and how they vary as a function of depth, maybe stacking stations from different levels. Will try to make a figure about that.
      • Goal: try to have a reasonably mature draft by next meeting.
  • Active excitation overview paper
    • Leads: Gary, Ross
    • Others: Victor, Daniel,…
  • Surface Active Excitation
    • Leads: Victor, Boise
    • Others: Gary, Ross
  • Underground Active Excitation:
    • Lead: Gary, Ross
  • Parameter estimation for the Rayleigh and Love eigenfunctions (amplitude vs depth dependence).
    • Leads: Pat, Daniel
    • Also contributing: Victor, Vuk, Levi
  • Estimating directional and modal composition of the seismic noise. (Pat, Levi, Vuk)
    • Leads: Pat, Vuk, Levi
  • Wiener filter application
    • Leads: Jan, Michael
  • Teleseismic EQs and near-surface scattering
    • Leads: Daniel, Victor
    • Conference in April, Daniel would like to show some preliminary results then, turn into paper thereafter
  • Time-variable velocity changes
    • Lead: Victor, not started yet
  • Very low frequency harmonics (Ross)
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