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Jain, J. K. "The role of analogy in unraveling the fractional quantum Hall effect mystery." Physica. E, Low-dimensional systems & nanostructures 20.1-2 (2003):79.

The Paper

The .pdf file can be found here (Note you need to be logged in to use this link)

An external link to the paper is here.

The DOI is 10.1016/j.physe.2003.09.023.


In order for the analogy to be useful, one should first be familiar with the integer quantum hall effect (IQHE). The wiki for this does not appear to be very useful. In my opinion, better overviews are given by the following: External Link and External Link.

So are these Topological fermions geometric particles or particles with spin 1/2 and “mass”?

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