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Litvinov, Y. A. "Observation of non-exponential orbital electron capture decays of hydrogen-like 140Pr and 142Pm ions." Physics letters. B 664.3 (2008):162.

The Paper

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DIO: 10.1016/j.physletb.2008.04.062


Like many experimental papers, the content is laid out in the title. This group, while doing heavy-ion research at the GSI, found a time modulation factor in the orbital electron capture decay in both of the ions they tested. This is quite unexpected, as we are all familiar with the exponential decay expected. After laying out the method of their experiment, they discuss and discard any systematic reason for this time dependent decay. This has come to be known as the GSI time anomaly and has not been reported in similar orbital electron capture decay experiments at other facilities around the world. We are weary of theories that have untestable hypothesis, as well as non-reproduce-able experimental results. However, the study of these anomalies allows for greater understanding of our instruments and their limitations.


Q: Could you please clarify, in general terms, the methods used to determine the decay constants in this paper? Thanks.


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