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Proposed papers for Spring 2010

This is the place for papers that have been proposed for the Journal Club, but may not have been reviewed for appropriateness (length, level, quality). You may have to be on campus, be connected to the library website or be connected through VPN to access some of these links. Please help to review the papers and decide whether they are good candidates for the Journal Club.

This semester, we are looking for more historic papers. The idea is to get a sampling of the best of the 20th century, and give us an opportunity to cover more theoretical papers (earlier papers are often at a more appropriate level for fledgling physicists). A good place to start may be the 50 years of PRL listing.


Time travel

Closed Timelike Curves via Postselection: Theory and Experimental Test of Consistency - Another Alice & Bob paper, but they actually have some experimental data! http://prl.aps.org/abstract/PRL/v106/i4/e040403

EPR Paradox
Bell Inequality

Bell's inequality

Experimental verification of QM violation of Bell's inequalities in PRL (from the PRL milestones)(The .pdf is here). There have, of course, been numerous other studies since.


Parity violation
CP violation
High-Tc superconductivity
CMB discovery
Dark Matter evidence
Charm quark discovery (J/Psi discovery)
Spontaneous symmetry-breaking
Dirac's paper (presumably about his paper on his Faymoose equation, not one of his others...)
Heisenberg's Thesis
Hawking black hole entropy


Haha, this abstract sounds absurdly awesome (and more than slightly incredible). We should cover this paper, just for kicks.


GR verification
Giant Magneto-resistance (GMR)
Yang & Mills
Feynman's renormalization of QED
Integer Quantum Hall Effect


Paper from Letters to nature:

In situ detection of collisionless reconnection in the Earth's magnetotail
Existence of Electromagnetic-Hydrodynamic Waves

H. ALFVÉN, Nature 150, 405–406 (1942)

Alfvén wave


1942: Alfvén suggests the existence of electromagnetic-hydromagnetic waves in a paper published in Nature. It is a big milestone in both astrophysics and space physics. Alfvén wins the 1970 Nobel Prize in physics for “fundamental work and discoveries in magneto-hydrodynamics with fruitful applications in different parts of plasma physics”

BCS Theory of Superconductivity

This is the initial paper by BC&S on “Microscopic Theory of Superconductivity.” http://prola.aps.org/abstract/PR/v106/i1/p162_1

This seems to be a shorter version of their later paper titled “Theory of Superconductivty” which would be too long to cover in our meeting. (This paper can be accessed here: http://prola.aps.org/abstract/PR/v108/i5/p1175_1

Chandrasekhar Limit on White Dwarf Mass
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