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Patrick Meyers


Week of October 7th

Week of October 14th

The labs for this week are Lab 4 Problems #1 and #2.

A new lab report was assigned on October 17th: Lab Report Assignment. This lab is due October 24th.

Here is this week's discussion problem, and solution

Week of October 21st

Lab Report #2 Due on Thursday, October 24th.

This week's labs are Lab #4 Problems #3 and #4.

A copy of the class data for this week can be found here: Tuesday Thursday

Week of October 28th

This week's labs are Lab #5 Problems #1 and #2

Week of November 4th

This week's labs are Lab #6 Problems #1 and #3

Discussion Problem and Solution.

A Lab Report was assigned. Here's the corrected version of the lab report assignment. It is due on Friday, November 15th.

Week of November 11th

This week's labs are lab #7 Problems #1 and #3

Lab Report #3 is due on Friday November 15th. Here's a set of notes to help with calculating the tangential acceleration of a point on the disk.

Week of November 18th

This week's labs are Lab #7 Problems #2 and #5.

Week of December 2nd

This week's labs are Lab #8 Problems #1 and #3.


I currently work in the LIGO Stochastic Group on detection of the stocastic gravitational wave background.


I am a second year physics grad student at University of Minnesota working in the LIGO group. In 2012, I graduated with a B.A. in Physics and Mathematics from Kenyon College in Gambier, OH. At Kenyon I ran for the Lords Cross Country Team. I'm originally from Philadelphia, PA.

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