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The CLA Undergraduate Physics Major with Honors

Total number of required credits in physics: 41

Total number of required credits in math: 16

Freshman and Sophomore Years

The same as for the CLA physics major

Junior and Senior Years

Take any five of the following six courses Credits
PHYS 4001 Analytical Mechanics 4
PHYS 4002 Electricity and Magnetism 4
PHYS 4051 Experimental Methods of Physics I 5
PHYS 4052W Experimental Methods of Physics II 5
PHYS 4101 Quantum Mechanics 4
PHYS 4201 Statistical and Thermal Physics 3
Completion of two semesters of the Honors Seminars Credits
PHYS 4960H Honors Seminar 2 cr total
Completion of a physics project
Either by the completion of PHYS 4052W, Methods of Experimental Physics II (5 cr), or by some alternate means subject to departmental approval.
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