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Current Jobs and Opportunities for Undergraduates

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Undergraduate Technician in Research (Paid)

  • Production and Testing of Electronics for CMS Hadron Calorimeter Upgrade
    • Target date: immediate
    • Sponsor: Yuichi Kubota and Jeremiah Mans
    • Number of positions: 2-3
    • Description: 5-10 hours per week for much of the semester, working on the testing of the microTCA electronics which will be used for reading out the hadron calorimeter of the CMS experiment at the LHC. The new electronics will allow the calorimeter to add time readout capabilities (TDC) and increase the detector granularity. Students will operate computer-driven test equipment, prepare reports and presentations based on test results, and work with database groups to store commissioning data.
    • Contact: sponsors for more information

Research Assistantships (Paid)

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