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Upper Division Honors in Physics

The Upper Division Honors Program in Physics is intended to supplement the normal curriculum for particularly able and highly motivated upper division physics majors. A major emphasis of the program is the involvement of honors students in active research projects in the school. Such involvement can give students experience in doing physics that a traditional classroom cannot. Honors seminars in the Junior and Senior years include presentations which attempt to illustrate the range of current physics research being conducted in the School, the College, and local industry, and to prepare students for selecting graduate schools. In addition, the seminars include student reports of their activities in departmental research.

Participation in the Upper Division Honors Program is open to all qualified students; prior enrollment in IT's Lower Division Honors Program is not a prerequisite. Completion of specified honors requirements in the upper division leads to graduation with cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude degree designations. General requirements are as follows:

  • For all three levels of honors, completion of a thesis describing independent and original work, which displays significant accomplishment in research or other scholarly activity. This thesis must be approved by the Physics Department.
  • Completion of additional Honors Experiences, subject to departmental guidelines and to approval by the Director of Upper Division Honors in Physics. Possibilities for these experiences include enrollment in upper division honors courses, performance of additional projects in connection with ordinary coursework, acting as a tutor or TA, and participation in research. One such Honors Experience is required for candidates for the cum laude degree, two for magna cum laude, and three for summa cum laude.
  • Upper-division GPA's of = 3.50 for cum laude, = 3.66 for magna cum laude, and = 3.75 for summa cum laude. These qualifying GPA's are based on grades obtained in a minimum of 60 semester credits completed while the student is enrolled in the upper division.

Additional information may be obtained from the Director of Upper Division Honors in Physics.

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