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 ====== Group memberships and permissions ====== ====== Group memberships and permissions ======
-Access to many file areas (for example, for research data storage) is determined by group permissions.+Group Membership is tied to Active Directory groups for both Windows and Linux
-We have a system where group memberships are delegated to group leaders.+On Linux, run the group command to see what groups you are in
-You can view your own group memberships in MyPhysunder [[https://www.physics.umn.edu/resources/myphys/groupmgmt/index.html|"My Groups"]]+On CentOS7 computers using InternetID authenticationa useful tool is /opt/quest/bin/vastool attrs [groupname|username]
-You can also see list of the most pertinent groups along with their managers, in the same areaIf you need membership in a group, please request it from a group manager.+At this time CSE-IT does not have group management tool for usersPlease sent group modification requests to csehelp@umn.edu
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