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The Space Telescope Grants Management software. This is problematic because they update it constantly and only the most recent version can be used. For this reason we don't preinstall it on our systems. If you have one of our managed Windows 7 computers, this is how you can install or update it yourself without needing our help.

  • These directions were written using Firefox as the web browser
  • Go to the STGMS download page, http://gms.stsci.edu/gms/install.html
    • right-click on the Windows download link. Choose “Save link as…”, and save the file in the directory “C:\Scratch”
    • (specifically this is Desktop → Computer → Local Disk (C:) → Scratch).
  • When the file has finished downloading, run it.
  • Choose “C:\Scratch\STGMS” as the install folder
  • The install should complete successfully and place an icon on your desktop.
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