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Homestake meeting, 10/02/14

Attending: Daniel, Victor, Vuk, Tanner

Homestake wiki: https://zzz.physics.umn.edu/groups/homestake/home

Our agenda:

1) Homestake update

Vuk: had a very successful trip 9/22-26 (Daniel, Victor, Gary, Tanner, Pat, Vuk). Installed the granite tile and built the huts at 4850-2,3,4, 1700-1, and 4100-3. Also built the surface stations near Ross, Yates, Oro Hondo, Water treatment plant, Lead Highschool, and Riolite Ridge (near open cut) - includes digging a hole for the instrument, pouring a concrete pad, building the retaining wall and the insulating enclosure, and installing a post for the solar panel and the radio. Started a wiki page for each site, everyone should add information/photos there:


Expecting PASSCAL to send us several instruments early, maybe in November. Also expecting the GPS transceivers to arrive in a couple of weeks. So planning another trip in ~mid November to install one underground and one surface station, along with the GPS receivers, radios etc, and test the network and power for these installations.

2) UMN test setup (Tanner)

Tanner: made progress with Gary on setting up the digitizers during the last trip to Homestake. Will have to sort out the remaining details in the next few weeks, probably with Gary's help on the phone.

3) Analysis of existing data

  1. Estimation algorithms (Shivaraj, Eric, Noah)
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