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 Homestake meeting minutes, 04/16/15 Homestake meeting minutes, 04/16/15
-Attending:+Attending: Tanner, Daniel, Vuk
 Homestake wiki: https://zzz.physics.umn.edu/groups/homestake/home Homestake wiki: https://zzz.physics.umn.edu/groups/homestake/home
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 1) Homestake status (Tanner, Gary, Daniel) 1) Homestake status (Tanner, Gary, Daniel)
- status of stations, data flow +  * status of stations, data flow: Much progress was made during the last visit to Homestake (Tanner, Victor, Pat, Daniel, Vuk). Currently have 18 fully operational stations: 300, 800, five at 2000, three at 4100, four at 4850, and 4 surface stations. Another station is set up at 1700 level, but its network/GPS is not fully working yet. All underground stations have been oriented with Octans during the last trip (the 300 and 800 stations were oriented in the past). The data is flowing from all stations via UMN.  
- - start data quality monitoring shifts+  * Tanner: there was a hiccup in the data flow last week. We have a virtual machine at UMN for antelope, but somehow antelope was shut off (not sure why) and we lost several hours of data. Restarted it, but even though the data was still in the buffer at Homestake, it was not pushed to UMN, so scp-ed it explicitly. But this was not propagated to Caltech and Indiana. Tanner will contact admins at UMN about this. Daniel confirms that the data drop occurred at Caltech too, can scp the missed data over. Probably not necessary to set up rsync, this happened only once in several months.  
 +  * Vuk: should be able to catch this with data quality monitoring. Also, should check what happens during the move due to Tate building remodeling. 
 +  * Tanner: 2000-E station is not behaving well, the mass centering channels have rising/lowering trends in discrete steps. Also noticed that Surface Ross station had a drop in timing to 7us for a few hours - not sure why, since dropping the GPS signal would bring the timing quality to 80% (and we don't observe it)...  
 +  * Tanner: observe voltages to vary by 1.5V, underground and on the surface. Could be due to the battery tender (or solar panel) coming on and off.  
 +  * stations coordinates, orientations are available at https://zzz.physics.umn.edu/groups/homestake/array/home?&#locations_of_stations 
 +  * Vuk: observed difference in the coordinates in the Homestake coordinate system vs the UTM coordinate system. Communicating with Kathy to understand the difference. 
 +  * start data quality monitoring shifts (dugl/3Darray): http://homepages.spa.umn.edu/~prestegard/homestake/ 
 +  * Vuk will set up a page for monitoring, including the schedule for shifts (one week per person) and a link to Tanner's monitoring page. Tanner will add a short tutorial to indicate what is abnormal behavior etc.
 2) Planning next visit: end of May, early June 2) Planning next visit: end of May, early June
- to do list: {{groups:homestake:meetings:todo_may2015.pdf|pdf}}+  * to do list: {{groups:homestake:meetings:todo_may2015.pdf|pdf}} 
 +  * Gary (email) prefers the week of May 18, potentially the week before. Tanner could do either of the two weeks but would have to leave May 22. Daniel: either week would work. Most likely these two weeks will not work for Victor and Vuk. 
 +3) Data analysis: 
 +  * Radiometer (Noah, Tanner) 
 +Next meeting: April 30
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