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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 05/11/18

Attending: Andrew, Daniel, Gary, Victor, Vuk, Pat


  • Next Meeting: June 1?
  • Data analysis topics
    • Data corrections, frame production (Gary/Daniel/Pat)
    • Event catalog (Gary/Ross)
    • Radiometer updates (Pat, Andrew)
    • Parameter estimation for Rayleigh and Love (Pat) rwave_eigenfunction.pdf
      • Pat: prepared a rough draft of a paper on Rayleigh eigenfunctions, copying from his PhD thesis. Would like to include a plot of mining explosions used in the study.
      • Gary: could make that quickly.
      • Maybe add a figure to show how the processing is done?
      • Vuk/Victor: agree. Like Daniel's suggestion done over email.
      • Pat will send some options soon.
      • Pat: Love waves were not included in this analysis, but could try. Is this useful?
      • Victor: how much work would this be?
      • Pat: probably a day or two. Transverse data is already saved, Love wave model is simpler (single exponential, no phase lags), so it should go quickly. Will try to have something on a reasonable time-scale.
      • Pat: using the velocity measurements made by Daniel, which have not been published yet. Maybe should include some text to explain how they were done.
      • Victor: good idea to include them, these should be reliable estimates, with no concern of whether we are doing it right. Ambient noise measurements are common, so it should be simple to explain it.
      • Daniel: happy to write the paragraph and refer to papers who have done the same thing.
      • Gary: how much do result depend on this?
      • Pat: results certainly depend on it, in a frequency-dependent way. Hard to analytically quantify, but parameter estimates do change.
      • Vuk/Victor: like the way things are presented now, including the table and Fig 4 showing final results.
      • Victor: Fig 1, panel 2: could you extend the plot to positive values and denote zero with a darker line.
      • Victor: on the presentation of the methods, it is rather mathematical and maybe it could be simpler? Maybe move some technical things into appendix to make it easier to read.
      • Pat: agrees.
      • Daniel: this may depend on the choice of journal?
      • Victor: assumed that we would go for a BSSA…
      • Gary: what is the primary message of the paper?
      • Victor: the paper is confirming something that people may be suspecting is true.
      • Gary: in this case, BSSA makes sense.
      • Vuk: 1 week for the above changes/additions, another week to add intro/conclusion by Victor. Meet again June 1?
      • Vuk: will post on arxiv.
      • Pat will be in MSP until June 3-4, then travelling for a few weeks after that (on vacation). Moving to Australia in July.
      • Pat will convert format to what BSSA likes.
    • Teleseismic events and Wiener filtering (Daniel, Michael)
    • Very-long-periods (Ross)
    • Velocity from noise correlations (Daniel)
      • Model selection?
    • Pull together all velocity measurements to start making comparisons (all)
  • Papers
    • Homestake Array Summary paper:
      • Leads: Vuk, Gary, Victor
      • Submitted to Seism. Research Lett.: Still waiting… Vuk to ping them again…
  • Active excitation overview paper
    • Leads: Gary, Ross
    • Others: Victor, Daniel,…
    • Gary could try to present something in July.
  • Surface Active Excitation
    • Leads: Victor, Boise
    • Others: Gary, Ross
    • Plan to invite the Boise group to give us a presentation in Sep or Oct 2017, when they are ready with their paper.
  • Underground Active Excitation:
    • Lead: Gary, Ross
  • Parameter estimation for the Rayleigh and Love eigenfunctions (amplitude vs depth dependence).
    • Leads: Pat, Daniel
    • Also contributing: Victor, Vuk, Levi
  • Estimating directional and modal composition of the seismic noise. (Pat, Levi, Vuk)
    • Leads: Pat, Vuk, Levi
  • Wiener filter application
    • Leads: Jan, Michael
    • Latest version: Draft.
    • Victor: met with Michael, should be on same page now on how to emphasize two different aspects of the paper (one on surface waves, and one on Wiener filter).
    • Daniel: working with Michael on the new draft. Probably 2 weeks for another draft to be circulated.
    • Vuk: could try to present on the June 1 meeting
  • Teleseismic EQs and near-surface scattering
    • Leads: Daniel, Victor
  • Time-variable velocity changes
    • Lead: Victor, not started yet
  • Very low frequency harmonics (Ross)
  • 3D PDF of Homestake geometry - draft for active source experiment paper
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