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Dial-in information:

US: 1-866-740-1260
Canada: 18667401260	
France:  0800942408
Germany: 08006645316
UK: 08004960576
Access code: 4952467
  • Purpose of Group and deliverables as collaboration evolves.
    • steps might include: develop database, white paper, technology selections, development of technology, population and verification of the database, release and maintenance. (Alan Poon)
  • Basic infrastructure for collaboration
    • Is this conference call good or should we move to EVO or some other technology for our meetings?
    • Should we have an e-mail list to make communication easier? If so, who sets up and maintains it?
    • Should we use a web-based collaboration system (ie wiki,, google …) - Adam Cox

* Database based on Couch - James Loach

* Edelweiss Database - Pia Loaiza


  • It was decided that we would continue having our meetings via phone. Jodi will try to set-up an email list through the AARM collaboration and we will use the AARM wiki for collaboration documentation. Jodi will set that up as well.
  • James gave an overview of the database that he has been developing based on CouchDB. A demo is available online at Password and username are aarm.
  • Pia presented the European Database which is based on mySQL. The database features search from a scroll bar and the results are shown in tabular form. It was noted that this interface was not as flexible as the one based on CouchDB. This database is part of the ILIAS program.
  • There was then a discussion of writing a white paper to distribute to the community. The next meeting would focus on ideas for the white paper.
  • Suggested the next meeting be December 5. This would be the last meeting before the holiday break due to travel schedules of several group members.
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