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Budget for Entire Facility

This is a very loose estimate for the entire facility. Our S4 is supposed to get the correct number, but for planning purposes, we need to try for something here.

We will start with Kevin Lesko's OMB budget

  • N.B. when the budget went it, the 4100 level was at $3M, not at the $2M listed in this pdf file.

Look closely at this and make comments right here in the wiki. What is missing from the estimate? What seems too low or too high?

Here are a few further comments about the OMB budget:

  • Advanced beta & alpha screening, and radon emanation, both R&D development and initial instruments, $2M
  • R&D study of advanced techniques for various prototypes (liquid scintillators, neutrons, ….) , $1M - $2M
  • clean machine shop with special tools such as EDM, laser welders, … (maybe some of this was in the electroforming), $1M -$ 2M
  • Radon suppressed air was assumed to be in facilities infrastructure and DUSEL R&D
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