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Our Listserve email address is

Please add your name, contact info, and interests wrt the LBC group, screening, R&D, S4 participation, etc. Simply hit edit and put it in as an “alphabetical list” with the space-space-asterix-space format. If you want to be on the mailing list, please also contact Jody Kaplan and she will add your name to the listserver.

PI & Co-PI's

Working Groups and Collaborators (* indicates Group Leader)

  • Water Shield
    • Prisca Cushman*, Bob Altes, Lee Petersen, C.J. Martoff, Dong Ming Mei
  • Immersion Tank
    • Kara Keeter*, Richard Ford, Henning Back
  • Screeners
    • Richard Schnee*, Dong Ming Mei, Jodi Cooley, Darren Grant, (Bio/Geo/other: Tullis Onstott, Tom Kieft, Rob McTaggart)
  • Characterization
    • Dong Ming Mei*, Prisca Cushman, Chao Zhang, Keenan Thomas, Fred Gray, Jaret Heise, Dan Durban
  • Engineering Integration
    • Lee Petersen*, Prisca Cushman, Greg Hulne (Miller-Dunwiddie Architects, Dale Holland (Dunham Associates,) Bob Altes (DUSEL), Steve Marks (DUSEL), Yuen-Dat Chan (DUSEL)

Participants and contact info

International Science Advisory Panel

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