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A working wiki page to develop a cryogenic crystal R&D program

Collaboration Name? Ideas below

  • CryoArray (was used briefly in the past, but might be good and general

Mission Statement Draft - please comment below

The (insert title here) Collaboration provides a framework for cooperation between cryogenic solid state experiments on common areas of interest. While it consists of members from existing experiments, it is a separate entity and welcomes all scientists who want to increase the sensitivity of multi-ton arrays of cryogenic crystal detectors for dark matter, coherent neutrino scattering, and neutrinoless double beta decay. The focus is on reducing energy thresholds and achieving control over backgrounds in tthe context of a cost-effective multi-ton All of these areas require unprecedented sensitivity to tiny energy depositions and large of energyopics of mutual interest are listed below, with highest priority assigned to those which can most benefit from a foucussed and cooperative approach. or which rely on complementarity of target and technology to achieve paradigm-breaking progress in both sensitivity and covereage of the existing search space. add complementary and benefit from c prioritized according to both their ability to provide paradigmThese will include research and development of shared technologies, background studies and cross calkibration of sources. The collaboration is committeed to providing a road map to the future impact of multiple targets on the reach of future low mass dark matter searches. In addition to the free exchange of ideas and research results for our mutual benefit, common research projects will be identified that will benefit most from the confluence of multiple targets and technologies to better capture the the collaboration will prioritize a set of , . The choice of topics will reflect the in detecgtor R&D, background studies, and theoretical oi

Comments on Mission Statement Draft

Topics Included

Detector technologies R&D

Background Studies

Theoretical Landscape

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